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To me, paying for published scientific content never really made sense. After all, Scientists don’t get anything out of it (except the fame, of course…). Open Access just seems like the natural way access to scientific findings should be. Of course, I know that it is not, so I am all the more excited about the success OA publications are having recently.

My primary OA sources:

The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is doing an excellent job of providing high quality, peer reviewed (and otherwise) journals. The focus lies with life sciences, the by far largest branch of interdisciplinary research out there. They are a non-profit organization looking to break even this year (!). Very impressive I think.

The Journal of Poetic Economics. I love this blog! Heather Morrison compiles opinions, presentations and statistics on the progress of OA in scientific publishing. And of course the blog too is completely OA, making data available as Google spreadsheets. Fantastic.

Directory of Open Acces Journals (DOAJ) is of course also on this list. They list OA journals and provide a very nice overview. I find the site a little unintuitive to navigate and journals are only included when they post themselves or are suggested by a third party. Nonetheless, a very good starting point.

Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR). Is a site listing OA repositories hosted at universities, research libraries, etc. Very basic site kept at the University of Nottingham with an impressive listing of available initiatives. Just like DOAJ it is a little hard to navigate and crowd sourced. But also like DOAJ it is a very good starting point.

And last but not least, the bookmark feed for It might be the best aggregator on Open Access news out there.

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